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Transfer Learning and Fine-tuning Deep Convolution Neural Network model for Fashion images — Anusua Trivedi (Microsoft)

In this talk, we propose prediction techniques using deep learning on fashion images. We show how to build a generic deep learning model, which could be used with a fashion image to predict the clothing type in that image and generate fashion image description/captions. We propose a method to apply a pre-trained deep convolution neural network (DCNN) on images to improve prediction accuracy. We use an ImageNet pre-trained DCNN and apply fine-tuning to transfer the learned features to the prediction.

Anusua Trivedi is a Data Scientist at Microsoft’s Advanced Data Science & Strategic Initiatives team. She works on developing advanced Predictive Analytics & Deep Learning models. Prior to joining Microsoft, Anusua was a data scientist at a Supercomputer Center - Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC). Anusua is a frequent speaker at machine learning and big data conferences.

Twitter: @anurive - Linkedin - Website