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The Smarts in Smart Home Health — Sean Lorenz (Senter)

Digital health has a problem. There are plenty of mobile applications being built to tackle just about every health-related issue out there, but most of these apps still lack quantitative data, predictive intelligence, and clinical validation. In this talk, Sean will discuss how we can aggregate smart home, wearable, connected health and ingestible data to create smarter, adaptive applications that patients, caregivers and providers can use to stay healthy outside the walls of a hospital.

Sean Lorenz is Founder & CEO of Senter, a startup creating a smart home health hub for healthy aging, as well as CTO for the Aging Well Institute. Dr. Lorenz was recently the Director of IoT Market Strategy for LogMeIn’s IoT platform, Xively. He has shaped business models and product strategies in several emerging markets including IoT, robotics, artificial intelligence and healthcare. He holds a PhD in Cognitive & Neural Systems from Boston University.

Twitter: @seanlorrenz - Linkedin