Why come?

  1. Hear stories of what others are doing with predictive technology
  2. Learn how to use machine learning in your apps and your business
  3. Find out about the latest advances in Predictive APIs and apps
  4. Meet international experts and leaders who gather only once a year
  5. World 1st: Amazon ML, Azure ML, BigML, Google Prediction leaders on stage


Robert Williamson
Leader of the ML group of NICTA


Danny Lange
General Manager at Amazon ML

Panel discussion & Keynote

Sharat Chikkerur
Sr. Software Engineer at Microsoft

"AzureML: Anatomy of a machine learning service"

Konstantin Davydov
Software Engineer at Google

"Simple Machine Learning for the Masses"

Poul Petersen
Chief Infrastructure Officer at BigML

"Past, Present and Future of Predictive APIs"

Mark Reid
ML researcher at ANU/NICTA

Panel discussion

Michael Wang
Solutions Architect at NVIDIA

"Interactive Deep Learning GPU Training with NVIDIA DIGITS"

Alex Housley
Founder & CEO at Seldon

"Open Sourcing a Predictive API"

David Jones
Technical Director at Resolve Digital

"Big Wins with Small Data: PredictionIO in Ecommerce"

Nicolas Hohn
Director of Analytics at Guavus Inc

"Large scale predictive analytics for anomaly detection"

James Montgomery
Lecturer at University of Tasmania

"Protocols & Structures for Inference: A RESTful API for ML"

Yan Zhang
Data Scientist at Microsoft

"Building Machine Learning Models for Predictive Maintenance Applications"

Brian Gawalt
Sr. Data Scientist at Upwork

"Deploying Predictive Models with the Actor Framework"

Jaidev Deshpande
Data Scientist at DataCulture

Supercharging Data Validation in Python