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Engineering the Future of Our Choice with General AI — JoEllen Lukavec Koester

What is the future we want to create, and what can we do – starting today – to actively shape that future with general AI? This talk outlines a vision for the future of humankind once AI reaches human or superhuman levels, and leads the audience through the steps one research group is taking to get there. From the economics of smart robots and job replacement, to bionic humans exploring the universe through space travel, the talk offers a window into the work of 30 researchers focused on AI development and safety, and explains what attendees can do themselves to help make that future happen.

JoEllen is the AI Safety Ambassador and Head of PR for GoodAI, a Prague-based general AI research and development company. A high school teacher by trade, she has a bachelor’s degrees in English and Philosophy from Seattle University, a master’s degree in Transatlantic Studies from Charles University in Prague, and is the recipient of Fulbright grant. JoEllen is particularly interested in how AI will affect international government and political relations.