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Using ML to build an autonomous drone — Greg Lamp

They might not be delivering our mail (or our yet but drones are now simple, small, and affordable enough that they can be considered a toy. You can even customize and program some of them! The Parrot AR Drone has an API that let's you control not only the drone's movement but also stream video and images from both of its cameras. I'll show you how you can use Python and node.js to build a drone that moves all by itself.

Greg Lamp is the co-Founder and CTO of Yhat. In this role, Greg leads development of Yhat's core products and infrastructure and is the principal architect of the company's cloud and on-premise enterprise software applications. Greg was previously a product manager at OnDeck, a fintech startup in New York and before that an analyst at comScore. Greg is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

Twitter: @theglamp - LinkedIn