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Machine Learning Services Benchmark: choosing the right tools for your application — Inês Almeida

Implementing a machine learning solution from scratch requires a lot of resource investment before yielding results. It is tempting to look for off the shelf machine learning solutions that are easy to integrate within one’s product instead. In this talk, you will follow a real case example of how the need to solve a specific problem led to doing a benchmark on a series of machine learning services. You will learn how these services compare, and pick up some tips on how to conduct your own benchmarks along the way.

Inês Almeida is a machine learning enthusiast from Lisbon, Portugal, where she has given several talks on the topic, in particular on neural networks. Her goal is to share knowledge that is useful for newbies and experts alike. Inês has a Physics MSc. degree and currently works as a data scientist at Liquid Data Intelligence.

Twitter: @isbalmeida - Linkedin