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The emergent opportunity of Big Data for Social Good — Nuria Oliver

We live in a world of data, of big data. A big portion of this data has been generated by humans, and particularly through their mobile phones. In fact, there are almost as many mobile phones in the world as humans. The mobile phone is the piece of technology with the highest levels of adoption in human history. We carry them with us all through the day (and night, in many cases), leaving digital traces of our physical interactions. Mobile phones have become sensors of human activity in the large scale and also the most personal devices.

In my talk, I will present some of the work that we are doing at Telefonica Research in the area of human behavior understanding from data captured with mobile phones, and particularly our work in the area of Big Data for Social Good. I will highlight opportunities but also challenges that we would need to address in order to truly leverage this opportunity.

Nuria Oliver is a computer scientist and Scientific Director at Telefónica. She holds a Ph.D. from the Media Lab at MIT. She is one of the most cited female computer scientist in Spain, with her research having been cited by more than 8900 publications. She is well known for her work in computational models of human behavior, human computer-interaction, intelligent user interfaces, mobile computing and big data for social good.

Twitter: @nuriaoliver - LinkedIn