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Open source Machine Learning and Predictive APIs — Alex Housley

IT decision makers now face an unprecedented challenge — and opportunity — to help their organization build a one-to-one relationship with customers and gain actionable insights. Machine learning and deep learning technologies that were previously reserved for companies such as Google and Amazon are now open-source. But open source machine learning is a fast moving target, with game-changing developments even in the six months since PAPIs 2015. To follow on from my talk in Sydney about our journey taking Seldon from a closed predictive API to an open source machine learning platform, I will provide fresh insight with applied examples to help decision makers stay in control, and identify opportunities for value creation.

Alex Housley (CEO of is a serial entrepreneur on a mission to establish the new open standard for predictive AI, to make the world a more personalised, productive and fun place. He is the co-creator of the Genome Laser, which sequenced the inventors of the laser and high-speed genome sequencing and blasted their DNA into space with an enormous laser.

Twitter: @ahousley - Linkedin

Later Event: March 14
Coffee break