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Solving a business problem in 2 weeks using machine learning — Lucas Fonseca Navarro (Getninjas)

Since Data Science became a very popular field, machine learning (ML) algorithms are being used more than ever in the industry. ML techniques are amazing to solve a bunch of complex business problems efficiently and also in a very fast manner with all of the available tools that we have nowadays. In this presentation, we will show you how we designed and implemented an ML application to solve an emergent problem in just two weeks. We want to show how a dynamic and pro-creativity environment of a StartUp company combined with machine learning can be powerful to create efficient solutions.

Lucas completed his Bachelor's in Computer Science from Federal University of Sao Carlos (2013) and Master's in Computer Science in the area of Artificial Intelligence from Federal University of Sao Carlos (2015). Currently, Lucas is working at Getninjas as Data Scientist and Product Owner in the Data Science Squad. Lucas has experience in machine learning, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization and Product Management.