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  1. Get a business understanding of machine learning and its importance for your success
  2. Discover what others are doing with predictive technology and learn from their stories

  3. Find out how to put things in practice in your company, at your own scale

  4. Connect with thought leaders, experts, and technology providers



Lars Trieloff
Director Product Management at Blue Yonder


Rand Hindi
CEO of Snips and MIT Innovator of the Year (2014)


Louis Dorard
Author of Bootstrapping Machine Learning

Florian Douetteau
CEO at Dataiku

David Gerster
VP of Data Science at BigML; former Director of Data Science at Groupon


David Jones
Technical Director at Resolve Digital

Keiran Thompson
Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist at Datagami

Claude Riwan
Score Team Manager at Orange 

Bastien Murzeau
CTO at PredicSis