An overview of the program at PAPIs Connect

As PAPIs Connect will be taking place in just a few days, now’s the time for me to guide you through the day's program and to explain how it’s structured.


The first talks will be aimed at providing a gentle introduction to predictive applications. I’ll start with a keynote aimed at demystifying Machine Learning and showing its possibilities. Then, Keiran Thompson will use an example in real-estate to demonstrate the importance of data when building predictive models, while showing how simple it can be to create a predictive app. David Jones will show how new open source software allows to easily deploy predictive features on your website while focusing on your domain (and not on technical aspects). He will show how even small data holds value, with an example of how integrating product recommendations in a modest e-commerce website increased revenue.

After that, Athmane Hamel will introduce some problematics of big data problems, which we’ll also discuss in our conversation on stage with Claude Riwan of Orange. Claude will tell us about the use of predictive models for marketing and customer relationship management purposes at Orange, and we'll chat about what has changed for them in the last couple of years.


We’ll have another conversation on stage with Rand Hindi on consumer-facing mobile apps and their predictive future. Rand will tell us about the importance of open data and context-awareness, he will tell us about the apps his company has built for big French brands and he will give us a sneak peak at what they are currently building. This will be followed by showcases of tools and solutions that make it easier to create value from data with predictive technology: ChurnSpotter, NP6, BigML and Dataiku. You’ll be able to chat more with these companies at their booths during the coffee break that’s right after the showcases.

In the second part of the afternoon we'll have Lars Trieloff tell us about how predictive apps are even used for automating business decision making, and why it’s such a big deal. Then, Florian Douettau will discuss practical considerations in deploying, maintaining and improving predictive apps in production. He’ll share his vision on what’s to come by drawing a parallel with the deployment of web sites. We’ll end the afternoon with some lightning talks and a relaxed conversion with Yves Denneulin on ML in Education, before heading for drinks and canapés (sponsored by Blue Yonder).

Other supporting partners of the conference are PredicSis, Datagami and Resolve Digital.

Many thanks to all the speakers and companies I mentioned here! You'll find more information about our speakers on Lanyrd.

See you all very soon in Paris!


Louis DorardComment