Europe’s first machine learning conference for decision makers

PAPIs Connect, Europe’s first Machine Learning conference for decision makers, will take place on 21 May 2015 in Paris.

Big Data can only deliver an impact when associated with intelligence that extracts knowledge from it. This is what Machine Learning does by automatically finding patterns in data and using them to make predictions. PAPIs Connect brings together experts from all over the world who are exploiting predictive technology’s opportunities in various domains. It already ambitions to become the equivalent of the “Le Web” conference in the world of data...

PAPIs Connect is Europe’s first Machine Learning conference to target business and IT decision makers. It aims at explaining and demystifying predictive technologies powered by Machine Learning. For that, it will feature concrete use cases and examples that show how value can be created from data, both in business and in everyday life.

PAPIs Connect complements the annual PAPIs (International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps) which previous edition took place last November in Barcelona and was attended by more than 200 people, coming from 22 different countries. While PAPIs is centered on technical advances in predictive technology and on the new tools of this sector (such as those of Microsoft and more recently Amazon), PAPIs Connect focuses on their real-world usage and on the domains where they are applied.

The conference is co-organized by Ensimag Alumni and Persontyle.



  • David Jones, Technical Director at Resolve Digital, a Californian development agency who increased revenue of an online wine retailer by 71% with a recommender system developed in record time thanks to new open source software

  • Rand Hindi, CEO at Snips and MIT Innovator of the Year 2014, who has worked on predictive apps for high-profile French companies such as SNCF and La Poste, with whom we’ll chat about the predictive future of mobile apps and the importance of context-awareness

  • Claude Riwan, Director of the Score Team at Orange France and professor at Université Paris 1, who will speak about the changes he has observed through his 25 years of experience with predictive technology in large companies, and about the challenges that his team faces today

  • Lars Trieloff, Product Management Director at Blue Yonder, who will share his experience on automated decision making through predictive applications, and who will discuss its important advantages

  • Keiran Thompson, Chief Data Scientist at Datagami, who will demonstrate the importance of data enrichment when building predictive apps, with a very practical real-estate use case

  • Showcases of new predictive analysis tools with live demos of:

    • BigML's anomaly detection feature applied to a dataset of breast cancer biopsies from University of Wisconsin Hospitals

    • ChurnSpotter powered by PredicSis, on how to leverage your Mixpanel and Stripe data to detect fragile customers and retain them

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Our venue: the impressive Maison Internationale at Cité Universitaire de Paris

Our venue: the impressive Maison Internationale at Cité Universitaire de Paris

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