'14 attendees in numbers, charts and pictures!

As we're preparing for '15, it's interesting to have a look at who came to the previous edition a few months ago in Barcelona. For this, we have two main sources of data: the registration data provided by Eventbrite and the responses to our post-conference survey (if you came to the conference but haven't completed the survey yet, you can still do so and help us get even more feedback!).

Let's start with some key '14 numbers :

  • 201 attendees (21% of which also went to Strata)
  • 22 countries represented
  • 27 speakers

From the 80 responses we got to our survey, we were able to learn about the "profiles" of attendees, which we classified into 4 types: Students, Researchers, Data Scientists, Developers and Non technical. Attendees who could be in multiple categories were assigned to the first category they belonged to (in the particular order I just gave). For instance, a Researcher who's also a Data Scientist is counted as Researcher only. We also asked attendees how familiar they were with Predictive technology and with APIs...

Finally, it's fun to look at the map of countries where people came from.

Zooming into Europe and showing the actual cities that attendees came from, we see as no surprise that Barcelona and Madrid (plus outskirts) were the most represented.

Also have a look at Storify and at the pictures below to re-live the conference or to see what you missed!

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