Thank you! '14 is over, but many other PAPIs will follow! It has been a real pleasure to see so many people participate and we'd like to thank you all for coming. We hope you enjoyed being part of the 1st International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps!

We'd very much like to learn more about you, to hear what you thought of the conference and to get suggestions on how we could improve it. May we please ask you to fill in our short survey? (it takes less than 1 minute to complete) We’ll share what we learn from it in a future blog post, including some (anonymized) data!

We hope to see you again next year for the 2nd edition of PAPIs. In the meantime, we'll be in touch via the newsletter where we’ll send links to slides, videos, write ups, and updates about the 2015 edition). If you're not on it already, sign up below!


Finally, we'd like to give special thanks to all the people who helped make 2014 possible:

  • Our sponsors: Barcelona Supercomputing Center, BigML, Blue Yonder, CleverTask, Datacratic, Dataiku, Datagami, Forum Systems, Indico, GCS Agile, Persontyle, Strands, Taiger and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya — by the way, please get in touch if your company is interested in sponsoring 2015!
  • Our volunteers (they were the ones wearing PAPIs shirts, taking notes, pictures, filming, and welcoming you at the registration desk): Francesc Roca, Jordi Aneas, Dani Cea, Daniel Mora, Jorge Quimí, Jose Alejandro Cordero Rama, Toni Penya-Alba, Javier Ramiro Poveda Figueroa, Chenxi LI, Omar Iván Sulca Correa, Lukas Danev, Sergi Bermejo, Joan Capdevila Pujol, Pablo Roman
  • Our program committee members: Sébastien Arnaud, Richard Benjamins, Jason Brownlee, Natalino Busa, Eric Chen, Beau Cronin, Andrés González, Matthew Grover, Maite López, Gideon Mann, Mark Reid, Ali Syed, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Marc Torrens, Jordi Torres, Zygmunt Zając, Harlan Harris, Benedikt Koehler, Ricard Gavaldà, Erick Alphonse, Misha Bilenko, Mike Cossy, Jordi Nin, Jeroen Janssens, Danny Bickson, Joe McCarthy
  • Our speakers: Poul Petersen, Christian Mladenov, Raphaël Cherrier, Florian Douettau, Greg Lamp, Slater Victoroff, Thomas Stone, Sabrina Kirstein, Andy Thurai, Manfred Bortenschlager, Alexandre Vallette, Claudiu Barbura, David Talby, Christophe Bourguignat, Yann Barraud, Shawn Scully, Danny Bickson, Elena Alvarez, Frank Zhang, Keiran Thompson, Misha Bilenko, Nicolas Kruchten, Marc Torrens, Jeroen Janssens
  • Our local chairs and session chairs: Maite Lopez, Poul Petersen, Ali Syed, Ricard Gavalda, David Gerster, Jordi Nin, Jordi Torres, Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Andrew Shikiar
  • Ali Syed for his help since the very beginnings of PAPIs
  • Andres Gonzalez and Toni Blasco for the time they spent on helping us with logistics
  • Fabien Durand for assisting us since we started organizing PAPIs in early September
  • Francisco Martin, our Program Chair, who provided invaluable help in setting up PAPIs.

We really hope we haven't forgotten to mention anyone! Stay in touch...