Augmented reality trends in online casinos【2023】

The trend that is revolutionising European casinos is based on the desires of many players: augmented reality!

AR is changing online casinos | What can players expect?Technology is evolving in favour of a freely exciting world where playing in an online casino is a completely immersive experience that takes the user from their inner world and immerses the user in an interactive world full of imaginary or more palpable scenarios. We show you the coexistence of augmented reality with online casinos.

One-Way Trip?

Breaking the monotony to merge emotions in a unique journey where the brain is transported to a real roulette wheel with a flesh-and-blood dealer, so real it’s scary, can guarantee a one-way trip where you just sit down and play your favourite games of chance.

It eliminates the feeling that you are only playing a machine. It doesn’t stop there, it generates a vibe of healthy competition in the midst of virtuality.

Just as in real life, sport in gambling emerges as a concrete possibility to outdo your rivals and outdo yourself with all the latest league tables and tournaments.

The “AR” becomes a common space where shared sensations are harboured among the betting community. This is why more and more online casino operators are getting involved with this modern technology.

Heightening The Adrenaline Rush

Augmented reality in online casinos is worth the wait. Perfecting the quality of the games will bring more adrenaline for all players.

For the first time, a visual impact will be made where the user does not relate coldly to the offered propositions but will be emotionally linked to the expanding world of novelties.

With AR casino applications, it would be possible to catch Pokemons from any real space or to manage ergonomic locations that achieve total user comfort even when travelling in stationary buses.

In Virtual Reality Implementation

Companies combining reality with virtuality are growing to enhance the online casino industry. Currently, online casino operators provide their users with HD quality.

However, the development and execution of augmented perspective will be introduced in the not-so-distant future, where combined virtuality is not so imaginary.

Companies such as Microgaming are accelerating agreements for the implementation of this technology capable of simultaneous survival and entertainment.

It is clear that the human factor is constantly at play in roulette, blackjack or slot games, as many players want to socialise with other people while they play.

The use of special images and sound effects will accompany real objects perceptible to the retina, such as an expedition with dinosaurs, a trip through the Egyptian pyramids, or even a penalty kick from Messi’s 360° vision.

Retrofitting software and hardware that can display this resource can be very costly for online casinos.

In Europe, on the other hand, the corresponding permits would have to be issued in each jurisdiction and this would mean that the dream of augmented reality in online gambling houses would not be a palpable option in the immediate future yet.

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