PAPIs '14 in review

The 1st edition of PAPIs took place in November 2014 in Barcelona. We had 200+ attendees coming from 22 different countries (among which: Microsoft, Samsung, IBM, Amazon, Intel, SAP, Telefonica, ING, King, Banc Sabadell, Axa, New Relic, BigML, Dataiku, Yhat, Indico, Dato, PredictionIO, Datagami, 3scale).

More about PAPIs '14 (speakers, talks, slides)

PAPIs was the best conference I visited in 2014. If you are building predictive applications or publishing APIs for predictive applications, it is a must-visit conference.
— Lars Trieloff, Director Product Management at Blue Yonder ('14 attendee)
It was a great crowd — it really felt like everyone there was excited about the space and where it might go in the next few years. It reminded me of the first PyData I attended a few years ago.
— Greg Lamp, CTO at Yhat ('14 speaker)