Independent community events dedicated to real-world Machine Learning

PAPIs is the International Conference on Predictive Applications and APIs. It features tutorials, business and technical talks at all levels of experience. The most advanced content is published in the Journal of Machine Learning Research. 

Next event: PAPIs '17 in Boston

PAPIs Connect is a series of more localized events that run in between the annual PAPIs conferences. They target decision makers and developers who are interested in building real-world intelligent applications using the most advanced technology.

Next event: PAPIs Connect in São Paulo

PAPIs Workshops aim at teaching machine learning and deep learning to developers and product managers in a practical way. They prepare them to integrate these technologies into their organizations and products.

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The focus at PAPIs is on the real impact of ML and how it’s integrated into services and applications.
— Danny Lange, Head of Machine Learning at Uber

We're passionate about predictive applications & APIs

Predictive / Intelligent Applications

Predictive applications leverage data and machine learning to improve their users' lives and to transform businesses. They are being embraced by diverse industries such as Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, Telecommunication and Utilities, to solve a myriad of use cases: predictive maintenance, risk analysis, claim prediction, diagnosis, personalized recommendations, lead scoring, churn prevention, etc.

Predictive / Machine Learning APIs

As we are collecting more and more data about the world, we are also seeing a growing number of Application Programming Interfaces that are making it easier to apply Machine Learning to that data — and thus to create Predictive Applications. These APIs abstract away some of the complexities of creating, deploying and querying predictive models. They make machine learning more accessible to developers and decision makers. 

Our team

The PAPIs events rely on volunteers and on a committee of experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and predictive analytics.

We're also hiring interns in event operations and marketing — get in touch to join the team!