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Dumpster Fire to Lit: Time-Series Data in Amazon DynamoDB - John Bledsoe (Nexosis)

Amazon DynamoDB promises “single-digit millisecond latency at any scale”, and it can deliver on that promise IF you avoid certain mistakes in the design of the system using it. Learn from one engineer's experience implementing an ML platform backed by DynamoDB, so that you can avoid the pitfalls he encountered and reap the benefits of performance and scalability sooner in your development cycle. You will learn both techniques for leveraging the strengths of DynamoDB and overcoming its weaknesses, as well as indicators to tell you whether or not DynamoDB is a good choice for your system.

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John Bledsoe is currently Principal Software Engineer at Nexosis, where they are building a machine learning platform for everyday developers. He has been building software primarily with .NET for 16+ years, and at various points has focused on front-end web clients, middle-tier business services, and back-end database implementations. His vocational passion centers around data structures, design patterns and elegant software solutions.