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Prediction | Production: Lessons from ‘Over-the-wall’ — Stuart Bailey (Open Data Group)

Data Science and Dev Ops teams live on opposite sides of a wall in most organizations. Despite the separation, these teams should work together to develop a coherent process to release analytic products, support those products and maintain sanity. We propose an institutional capability, ‘Analytic Operations’, to support data-driven processes within lines-of-business. We hope to share lessons learned practicing Analytic Ops and present a set of best practices for Analytic Ops teams. We also demo open source tools that reduce frictions between Data Science and Ops/Deployment teams.

Stuart Bailey is a partner and the Chief Technology Officer at the Open Data Group. He is a technologist and entrepreneur who has been focused on analytic and data intensive distributed systems for over two decades. Prior to Open Data Group, Stuart was the founder and most recently Chief Scientist of Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX), a Sequoia Capital-backed company. More than half the Fortune 500 rely on the Infoblox automated distributed system solutions for essential, software-based network control.

Twitter: @stu_bailey - Linkedin