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Predicting Power of Emotions: Australian Election Case Study — Lisa Lewers & Lana Novikova (Heartbeat AI Technologies)

In May, an Australian researcher and a Canadian emotion analytics startup launched a 6-weeks survey for the upcoming Australian elections. Along with typical polling questions, the key question was open-ended: "How do you feel about Bill Shorten/ Malcolm Turnbull becoming the next PM of Australia?" We expected some interesting insights about measuring people's emotions. What we got was MUCH BIGGER - a statistical model that predicted the winner with unprecedented accuracy. The kicker was that 2016 Australian election turned out to be "one of the closest elections in Australian history."

Founder and Managing Director of Lewers Research (Australia), Lisa is a passionate researcher with over 20 years’ experience still driven by the thrill of discovery. She established Lewers as a forward-thinking research company dedicated to supporting business decision makers who want an informed point of view. She is committed to leveraging technology to drive the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Twitter: @lisa_lewers - Linkedin

Founder and CEO of Heartbeat Al Technologies Inc. (Canada), Lana Novikova is a market research innovator and tech entrepreneur with a solid research management, consulting experience, and an award-winning portfolio of research inventions, the First Female Winner of the 2016 IIeX Startup Competition in Amsterdam.

Twitter: @HeartbeatAi - Linkedin