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Enterprise API Security Requirements for using Predictive APIs — Jason Macy (Forum Systems)

Enterprise business analysts can no longer ignore the value of using public cloud-based machine learning solutions. The cost, quality, ease-of-use and rapid development in predictive APIs enables corporations to use such public cloud services for effectively modelling their private data. Within such hybrid public-private cloud environments, the need for API security is greater than ever. Building a proper API security infrastructure without a long-term API strategy can be a challenge, and over time become both costly and expose your organization to serious security risks.

Jason Macy is the Chief Technical Officer responsible for innovation and product strategy for global operations at Forum Systems. Jason has been a leading visionary for enterprise architecture design and successful deployment API identity and security technology. With hundreds of deployments worldwide, Jason’s unique ability to pragmatically solve complex, industry use cases and provide sustained engineering initiatives continues to forge the leadership role of Forum Systems product technology. Drawing from experience from virtually every industry sector, Jason has helped to evolve the Forum Sentry technology platform to be the global leader in FIPS 140-2 API security and identity.