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End to End Machine Learning with — Jeremy Barnes (

MLDB is an open-source database designed for machine learning. You can install it wherever you want and send it commands over a RESTful API to store data, explore it using SQL, then train machine learning models and expose them as APIs. In this talk, we will cover how to build a Predictive API "end to end" from data exploration to model evaluation to deployment, all using only simple MLDB API calls from MLDB's Notebook interface.


Jeremy Barnes is an entrepreneur and technology leader, active at the intersection of artificial intelligence and industry. He has 15 of years of experience applying machine learning to develop innovative products. Prior to, he co-founded Datacratic, an enterprise software company developing machine learning technology for the marketing industry. Before that, Jeremy co-founded Idilia, a computational linguistics company, where he was responsible for research and development of Idilia's machine learning based core computational linguistics technology.