Previous PAPIs Speakers


Danny Lange
Head of Machine Learning at Uber

Rand Hindi
CEO at Snips; MIT Innovator '14

Nuria Oliver
Scientific Director,
Telefonica R&D

Robert Williamson
CEO at National ICT Australia

Mark Reid
ML researcher at ANU/NICTA

Konstantin Davydov
Software Engineer at Google

Alex Ingerman
Product Manager at Amazon ML

Misha Bilenko
Principal Researcher at Microsoft

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras
Director AI Research Institute at Spanish Research Council

Michael Wang
Solutions Architect at NVIDIA

Natalino Busa
Enterprise Data Architect at ING

Andy Thurai
Program Director at IBM

David Gerster
VP of Data Science at BigML

Thomas Stone
Co-founder at PredictionIO

Brian Gawalt
Sr. Data Scientist at Upwork

Greg Lamp
Co-Founder at Yhat